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A Great Act of Justice: the Flapper Election and After

Half the human race is not enough. It must be men and women together.’
(Stanley Baldwin, British Prime Minister, 1928)
Since the first woman was elected in 1918, there have been a total of 292 women MPs - and 4,378 men.
All of those women were remarkable in different ways - but who were they?  What were the obstacles they faced, how were they overcome, and what new challenges are there for the future?
A Great Act of Justice  has been published by the Centre for Women & Democracy to commemorate the Flapper Election of 1929 - the first British general lection to be held with universal suffrage. It also recalls pioneering women MPs, celebrates what they achieved, and looks at how their work has shaped the world we live in today.
Packed with fascinating detail about the politics of the nineteen-twenties as well as the progress of women in parliament since, the book includes an account of the struggle for the 1928 Act which finally gave women equal voting rights with men as well as  biographies, information about women in
government, in Europe, and in the devolved Institutions of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It looks forwards to future elections as well as back to the past, and contains contributions from current women politicians, campaigners and commentators.
It’s essential reading for anyone who wants to know more about women in politics, and at just £9.99 it’s a real bargain. Use the link below to order ypour copy now!