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Yvette Cooper

b 20 March 1969

British Labour politician, first woman Chief Secretary to the Treasury (2008)


There's nothing better than politics.

Guardian, 4 Dec 2010


Never take seriously the media speculation about who is up, down and roundabout. The only thing you can guarantee is that it will be completely different tomorrow.

Independent 11 May 2009


Leadership speculation always ends in tears.

Independent 11 May 2009


I’ve got responsibility for maternity services, so there are certain advantages to being a user of them. Last year I was pregnant and in charge of reforming maternity services and getting more investment in. It was great.

Interview with Johann Hari, 1 June 2002


Actually, these City bankers turned out not to be quite as visionary as they thought they were.

Guardian, 6 April 2009


Suggesting politicians shouldn't embrace the internet is like telling Winston Churchill he shouldn't have gone on the radio.

Independent 11 May 2009


It would be quite nice to go shopping on a Saturday without the kids - that would be a treat.

Guardian 7 April 2007


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