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Karren Brady

b 4 April 1969

British businesswoman, author and broadcaster, managing director of Birmingham City Football Club at the age of 23, and, after its promotion, first woman managing director of a Premier League football club.


Women have brains and uteruses, and are able to use both.

Guardian interview, 11 April 2010


I think the term feminist is scary for women, because it means that you're extreme in some way, and I'm not extreme in any way, although I do passionately believe that a woman's role within any organisation is to assist and help other women.

Guardian interview, 11 April 2010


75% of my management team are women.


Don't worry, when I sell you to Crewe, you won't be able to see them from there.

Said to a player at Birmingham Football Club who observed 'I can see your tits in that shirt', and who was sold soon after.


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