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Harriet Harman

b 30 July 1950

British Labour politician, deputy leader of the Labour Party.


We are not a minority. We are the majority.

House of Commons 8 December 1982


We are in the era of expectation of equality, but the expectation is not yet matched by reality.

House of Commons, International Women's Day Debate, 6 March 2008


There are many men who though they assault their wives do not consider themselves criminal – they are not like that.  They have good jobs and command respect.  But if you commit assault at home you are every bit as much a criminal as someone who assaults a stranger in the street.

Speech to the Association of Chief Police Officers 22 October 2002



Lots of people in politics they say are very clever but there's no evidence of their brains.

Interview, Guardian, 31 May 1998


There's an old saying - No taxation without representation - but what about no representation without taxation?

House of Commons 16 December 2009


You can either be against discrimination or you can allow for it. You can't be a little bit against discrimination.

New Statesman, 29 January 2007

Men cannot be left to run things on their own.

The Times, 2 August 2009


Not all civil servants admire strong political leadership. But if you want to change things for the better youneed strong political leadership.


It is about time that we stopped criticising the inner city areas and started criticising the Government.

Maiden Speech in the House of Commons, 5 November 1982


Thatcher was: I can do it as well as men, I can do it on men’s terms. Now it is about women doing it because they are women, not despite it.

The Times, 2 August 2009


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