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New report on quotas and electoral systems

17 Jul, 2015

CFWD has recently published a review of the level of women's representation and the type of electoral system used in 111 countries which employ some form of quota system.

Amongst other things, the report (which can be downloaded in pdf format here) found that:

  • the majority - but by no means all - of countries with more than 30% women MPs use both quotas and proportional representation electoral systems;
  • none of the Nordic countries - often held up as an example of success - now use compulsory quota systems (though some have in the past);
  • despite the success of quota systems in many instances, they do not always improve women's representation significantly. In some cases quotas are set very low, whilst in others they are not enforced;
  • there has, in recent years, been a slow bit steady increase in the number of countries using quota systems of one kind or another.

The report includes a list of the 111 countries concerned, together with the type of quota used and the type of electoral system.


Download the report.