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Women MPs at all-time high

11 May, 2015

29.2% of Westminster MPs are now women, up from 22.7% before the General Election.

Most parties have returned an increased number of women, and the total has now reached 190 (out of a total 650 MPs across the board).

Labour has 98 women (42%), the Conservatives 68 (20%), the SNP 20 (36%), the Green Party, Plaid Cymru and the Northern Irish SDLP one apiece, and the Liberal Democrats and all other parties (including both Unionist parties in Northern Ireland and Sinn Fein) none at all. There is one Independent woman.

CFWD Director Nan Sloane said:

'Both Labour and the Conservatives have done well in terms of increasing the number of women MPs, but overall we are still nowhere near the 50% target we should be aiming for. The fact that nearly a third of Parliament is now female is a cause for shame rather than celebration, and we look forward to seeing how the position can be improved for the next election in 2020.'

The Counting Women In coalition, of which CFWD is a founder member, will be publishing Sex & Power 2015: Who runs Britain?' in June. This will look in detail at women's representation and access to power, and make specific recomemndations for action.