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Cabinet reshuffle produces no change for women

8 Oct, 2013

David Cameron's cabinet reshuffle has left women's representation pretty much where it was before - at 4 out of 22 - and although he has promoted a small number of women in the lower ranks of government, the top table still looks overwhelmingly male.

CFWD's Director, Nan Sloane, said:

'The best that can be said about this reshuffle is that at least there isn’t an actual reduction, though at a time when there is a steadily growing body of evidence to the effect that gender balance in decision-making bodies makes them function better it is odd that the Prime Minister is not proactively increasing the gender diversity of the cabinet. Instead we seem to be plodding along behind many of our international partners as though the representative nature of government doesn’t matter. It is therefore impossible not to be disappointed at the stalemate we seem to have reached.’

Nick Clegg also made changes to his ministerial teams, but even so the Liberal Democrats failed to promote any women, and still have no women in the coalition Cabinet.

To coincide with the reshuffle CFWD has published an updated version of its Factsheet on Women Cabinet Ministers Worldwide, which shows that the UK still lags behind many of its European partners when it comes to the most senior levels of politics.

Meanwhile, Ed Miliband's reshuffle of the Labour front bench has brought the level of women in the Shadow Cabinet up to 44% - better than the other parties but still short of the 50-50 representation for which he says he is aiming.