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Women only a third of London Assembly Candidates

10 Apr, 2012

Just 33.6% of candidates in the London Assembly elections are women, with the Conservative Party fielding the lowest number by some distance amongst the main parties standing.

Candidates can be nominated either for one of the 14 London constituency seats or for the London-wide list. The 14 constituency candidates are elected using the first-past-the-post electoral system, and the London-wide members are determined by a form of proportional representation which takes into account the total votes cast in the London-wide ballot together with the number of constituency seats that each political party has already won.

In total, the main parties' percentages of women candidates both on their London-wide lists and in the 14 constituencies are as follows:

Labour                         56% women candidates

Liberal Democrats          48%

Green Party                  36%

Conservatives                19%


Where the women have been placed on each party's list also matterrs, since the person at the top is most likely to be elected and the one at the bottom least likely to succeed.

Labour, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats all have women first on their lists, and Labour and the Liberal Democrats also have women in third place. The Conservatives' top woman is at number three, with women also in fourth and fifth positions.

In terms of the 14 constituency seats, the list is as follows:

Labour                    8 women candidates

Liberal Democrats     6

Green Party            3

Conservatives          1

The only other party to be fielding women in every constituency (though without a list) is Fresh Choice for London, which has only 2 women candidates.

Other parties standing are the BNP (23% women candidates), the Christian People's Alliance (list only, 44% women), the National Front (33%), the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (list only, 35%), UKIP (list only, 18%), and Greenwich and Lewisham 'People before Profit', whose single candidate is female. There are also candidates for the English Democrats, House Party 'Homes for Londoners', the Communist League, Communities United, the Residents Association of London and the Socialist Party of Great Britain, none of whom have any women candidates at all.

Of the four Independent candidates one is a woman.

At present just 8 of the 25 London Assembly members are women - 4 Labour, 2 Liberal Democrat, 1 Conservative and 1 Green.

CFWD will be producing a full report on the 2012 elections in England in June. We have already published an analysis of mayoral candidates, and will be publishing information on candidates in the local elections outside London at the end of April.

In the meantime, please address all queries to Nan Sloane ( or 0113 234 6500)