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Happy Equal Pay Day!

30 Oct, 2009

Today is Equal Pay Day, a reminder that the UK is still some distance away from achieving true equal pay, and that women are still significantly underpaid in many areas. The Fawcett Society and Unison have produced a useful 'map of gaps' showing some significant regional variations, and their research also showed that people are largely unaware of the fact that equal pay has yet to be won.

As we also know, some sectors fare better than others - City bonuses seem to be very inequitable and, at the other end of the pay scale, some local authorities have tried to use equal pay legislation in ways that were neither anticipated not intended.

Equal pay is not a luxury for a strong economy but a matter of making sure that women's time, skills and efforts are valued and rewarded appropriately at any time - the campaign will doubtless go on for some years to come.