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CFWD Launches New Research Project

3 Feb, 2011

CFWD is delighted to announce that it has secured funding from the Feminist Review Trust to examine the cumulative effects of the government's legislative programme and its constitutional and localism agendas on women's representation at strategic decision-making levels in England.

Women are currently under-represented in parliament (22%), on local councils (31%) and in local leadership roles (14%). As well as looking at what the effects of new legislation might be, the report will also make recommendations for how new legislation could best be used to improve the position overall.

The report will be published at the end of March, and will look at the impact of a wide range of measures, from proposals for a new House of Lords to the abolition of Primary Care Trusts. CFWD's Director, Nan Sloane, said: 'We've heard a good deal about how the cuts will affect women, and this is very important, but if women are not at the table when decisions about their lives are being made they will inevitably find their needs and views being left out or disregarded to some extent. This project - and the generous support of the FRT - will enable us to assess whether women will continue to progress in terms of democratic and public participation, or whether we will continue to fall further behind comparable countries in this regard.'

Copies of the report will be available from the CFWD website once it is published.