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Women and Elections 2011

6 Jan, 2011

Over a quarter of elected women Presidents and Prime Ministers face elections in 2011, and in a large number of countries worldwide there will be elections which will provide opportunities for the representation of women in parliaments to increase.

There will be presidential elections in Argentina (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner), Ireland (Mary McAleese), Kyrgyzstan (Roza Otunbayeva) and Liberia (Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf). Parliamentary elections in Finland and Croatia may see their female Prime Ministers (Mari Kiviniemi and Jadranka Kosor respectively) re-elected or replaced.

Some countries with general elections have relatively high percentages of women MPs at present (e.g., Finland, Denmark, Argentina, Uganda and Guyana) whilst elsewhere there is considerable room for improvement.

To help track what is happening to women’s representation across the world, we’ve added an Elections Worldwide 2011 page to the Resources section of our website. This gives as full a list as we have at the moment of elections and their dates, as well as information on the current position. It will be updated at intervals as new dates become available and electoral outcomes become known.