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International Women's Day project ready to launch

18 Nov, 2015

Tomorrow, CFWD will be launching its new project mark International Women's Day 2016.

Did you know that, of the 1,466 people quoted in the Oxford Book of Political Quotations just 136 are women? Or that in one volume of political quotes there are more things said by fictional male characters from series like 'Yes Minister' and 'The West Wing' than by actual functioning political women?

If it's true that we can't be what we can't see, it's also the case that we need to hear it, too. Leaving women's voices out means leaving out their experience, insight and wisdom, too.

So we're working on a new project, which is to create a huge collection of women's observations about politics from across the ages and around the world and publish it in book form to mark International Women's Day 2016.

We'll need help to do it, both in terms of sourcing quotations and funding it, so we'll be launching our crowdfunding appeal tomorrow.

It's really important that we don't forget or ignore the history of women in political life in every sense, as participants, protagonists or observers. If all we hear is the voices of men, how can we be surprised at the general perception that women aren't as good as men at politics, leadership or analysis?

Time to put it right!  Watch this space.

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