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Centre for Women & Democracy
Suite 7a, Unity Business Centre
26 Roundhay Road

Tel: 0113 234 6500


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About Us

The Centre for Women & Democracy believes that women are under-represented at all levels of public life and public decision-making and works to change this. Figures for current levels of representation are shown below.

Based in the north of England, CFWD has a national role and remit, and, in particular, we:

  • Prepare and submit evidence and other papers to consultations and inquiries carried out by parliament, government, political parties and other bodies (e.g., Parliamentary Committees, the Speaker's Conference on Representation, the Councillors' Commission, etc);

  • Work with partner organizations to promote our objectives.

In recent years our partners have included the Fawcett Society, the Electoral Reform Society, the Hansard Society, the Local Government Association, the New Local Government Network, the Feminist Review Trust and the MacDougall Trust.

Our Director, Nan Sloane, has extensive experience of this field of work, and we employ staff on a project by project basis, as and when we have funding.

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